You and I cannot refute the veracity of the premise “we live by faith and not by sight” and faith is something that we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Yes there are trying times in life which makes us loose faith in life’s all good things. But here’s a story.
It seems a good businessman by dint of sheer hard work would have turned his business into a rip roaring success, but the arch adversaries of this affluent businessman who would be wanting him to suffer a severe body blow try indulging in an arson attack, by setting fire to his swanky business showroom at midnight. The baleful act of these bad minded pyromaniacs soon creates a blazing inferno that vanquishes all the big business assets around.
The next morning when the businessman sees this supposedly soul shattering scene,  he stoically leaves the place to only sprint back with a skillfully designed signboard with shining emblazoned letters. He then places the sign board near the incernated area and it reads “Everything here has been burnt to cinders except the faith & confidence. Business activity restarts tomorrow. Incidentally it is this faith,  be it in the supreme being or in oneself that pumps up the punctured soul with plenitude of positive energy. It is this faith that proffers remarkable resilience to the raddled out mind in ramping up the courage and confidence quotient. It is this faith that equips us with high gusto and unlimited gung ho attitude.
Now that we have this implicit faith in our inner strengths, it is also important to foster some amount of faith in humans around too, since the quality of eying everyone with suspicion not only destroys human relationships but also creates a dent in our peace framework.
Interestingly,  those who are untrustworthy themselves have this proclivity of being sceptical about everyone and everything. Apparently instead of living in faith and burying the doubt, they tend to bury the faith and live in doubt. May be it’s their ‘we see in others what we are ourselves’ syndrome.
Finally, Faith is that factor that sees the invisible,  believes the incredible and dreams the impossible.

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