There are times when we willingly succumb to distractions and loose sight of our vision. There are also times when we decide to completely drop the idea,  farely because we think we have traversed too far from the goal post. During this time our natural response is one of denial for we tend to indulge either in a blame game or find excuses for our own lapses. Instead introspecting can help us reconstruct the faulty ideas and get back to our mission. Humility can go a long way in salvaging the situation.
An incident from the Ramayana takes us this way – Sugreeva promises to help Rama find his abducted wife Seeta and accordingly he divides his army into four sending them into the four directions of the world.
The simian forces walk through the dense forest of the Dandakarayana and find themselves footed against a huge cave that was rather inviting. On entry they find themselves in an enchanted land which was guarded by a tapaswini called Swayamprabha. The land was steadily punctuated with  fine orchids and and sweet water from the springs and  as for the weather, it could not have got any better. The entire army feasted and relaxed. When the army realised that it had been few weeks past that they had got nowhere close to accomplishing their mission. When they tried to get out of the cave they could not find the exit and they all panicked. But this wise hero,  Hanuman pondered over the situation and he understood clearly that the tapaswini was responsible for the conundrum. He approached her with great humility and put forth his concern. The woman then confessed that she had layed this wile net to only check their morality. His humility and sense of approach not just helped him win her blessings but also helped the entire team be magically transported to the southern island making up for the lost time and also not distracting them further. This humble approach of the leader himself helped the team get into the track of their mission.

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