If it wasn’t for the IOS it was boasting about, I wouldn’t have landed in this very conundrum.

 Its true how money doesn’t flow like a river or stay calm like a lake , instead it shall land you in a whirlwind of troubles disguised as dust. The day i stepped into Maple- I was promised of nothing but happy times. But alas! You must have guessed it by now, it didn’t stay for long. I had a fancy to own an iphone6 ,I did. Mind you with six different printed covers matching my best of outfits. All this and more on an easy monthly installment. Oh yes, not to forget the slap of  that huge bill on my face after treating my friends for the joy of owning one of the happening gadgets.There is infact more to this, but what matters more is the realization of daintiness of what seemed more interesting than the guy i wished to bro-zone. Perhaps too late a realization. It was past 3 months of a happy EMI and the payment of the fourth month was due with my assignment submissions. My on field project was in its right pace but not in sync with  the amount of stress my now pet could handle. She slipped through my freshly manicured fingers, making the sound of friction and kissing the folds between them to land first on a cement concreted fence i had been taking support of and then to the ground covered with a layer of humous. It couldn’t have got any worse for me. The injury is not one that could be healed by the company warranty but of fire bullets into my wallet. I now have  the most negative of bank accounts and the EMI burden of mistake.

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