Each day is a new beginning
Call it a clean state, a fresh start, or simply a new dawn.
A world of possibilities waits for you,
Holding its breath until you tiptoe out
And stamp your footprint in the dew

You can be whoever
Whatever you want to be
It’s all up to you
You don’t have to be held back by old thoughts, former mistakes, or past problems
They’re just that – passed.
Don’t let them strangle you anymore
You’ve already given them their due.
Now let go of chains of your past
And grab onto your future
It starts right now
This is your life
Today start over, fresh, new, clean.

Just you and whatever you want to be
Stand on your own feet, take a tentative step
See? You can do it.
Now the other foot, and another step.
And soon you’ll be racing the wind.
Chasing your dreams.
A new world is waiting
For you today.

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