This poetry is about how a human being feels the right to wish something beyond practicality and how he gives wings to his imagination and build castle in air.
I wish I was a butterfly, I wish I could flyimage

Carrying me along, the air would swing

Solace to people, my elegance could bring.

Rainbow would gift me, its’ colors all.

Under the sky, I could cross any border or climb any wall.

Cute little children would run to catch me

For wooing his Juliet, to me, Romeo would plea.

I wish I could fly. I wish with me, all comply

I wish, a clock moving anti-clockwise I could make, I wish I could correct all my mistakes

Make right, all my decisions that went wrong

To fight for my desires, I would make myself strong.

I would make my hobby as career, had that passion I carried.

Eradicate superstitions and social barriers from its roots

Let not the terrorism take birth, by soothing the nation disputes.

I wish, I could move the time back, I wish I could embellish myself in whatever I lack

I wish I had a magic stick, I wish I could get all that I pick

By moving the stick round-n-round, in a blink of eye I would read any book

Like the angel’s castle, make the earth look.

To heaven, never let my loved ones go

Be present in two places at a time, I am one although.

A smile could buy everything; there was no use of money

Make the clouds cry, if the day is very sunny.

I could go invisible whenever I wish to

Hunger strike for anti-corruption, make the corrupted minds do.

I wish I had a magic stick, I wish I get it quick

I wish, I was a child again, I wish I had no strain

Free from sorrows and targets my life would be

Scratches of those innocent days are still on my knee.

Rich and poor, I would treat same

Even in disgust all would call my nick name.

I would stutter and say; to become big is my dream

But I am sad it happened very fast, now I cannot lick my ice-cream.

I wish, I was a child again, I wish I could walk through that lane

I wish I was someone’s wish

I would be missed, I would be wanted

Would be treated special, never taken for granted.

Someone would see the whole world in me

Finds sweetness, even if I serve sugarless tea.

To communicate, not required were words

When far, contact through air and birds.

I wish I could be someone’s wish.

Without me, they would be like water separated fish.