Selfless action is the outward expression of selfless love. When the heart is filled with love, it expresses itself in the form of unselfish action. One is a deep inner feeling and the other is outward manifestation. Without deep, unconditional love, selfless actions cannot be performed. In the beggining of our journey, our self-love becomes the driving force for each of our actions, even if we choose to call them selfless. Love for the ego, or oneself, is the predominant feeling in every human being. Unless this feeling withers away, real selflessness will not emerge. There is a story of an old man planting mango trees. When his neighbour saw what he was doing, he asked ‘Do you think you will live long enough to taste the mangoes from those trees?’ ‘No, I doubt it’, replied the old man. ” Then why are you wasting your time?” Asked the neighbour. The old man smiled and said, “All my lifr I have enjoyed eating mangoes from trees planted by others. This is my way of expressing my grattitude to the people who planted those treees.

If you choose love and selflessness as your goal, you need to be watchful. Watch your mind constantly, because the mind wont let you do anything selflessly.

The mind doesn’t want you to be selfless- its only aim is to drive you down the path of selfishness, because the mind id selfish. As long as you dwell in the mind, you can only be selfish. You have to be free of the mind to be selfless.


For heartycle by Kripa