Little girls crouch in front on televisions,
and with wide-eyed wonder, watch those visions
of princesses with corsets on their tiny waists,
and dainty hands and feet, crying out for their princes,
regular damsels-in-distress,
making that little girl caress
the idea that small and thin is beautiful
and women are meant to be just dutiful
to the fixed stereotype of needy, powerless women
in a society ruled by dominating, better, men.
Slightly grown girls stand in front of mirrors
 judging the person they see
“She has fat, how can she?”
Because fat is ugly and nothing else,
and somehow more flesh should make one feel less,
while those with perfect metabolisms are blessed.

No, not because of health and digestion, oh no,
but the flat stomach that seems a trend that never goes.
Women strut down red carpets and walkways
 and from the beginning of time there’s been so many days,
yet the world does not seem to embrace
t he idea that all shapes, all sizes, all colours are beautiful.
You might think that at least being thin and tall is great,

but those expectations are only just the gate,
leading to intricacies of burning embers of coal
upon which you walk with those bare feet,
and each dying hiss of the darkened charcoal
seems to whisper,
“Too tall.”
“Too short.”
“Too thin.”
“Too curvy.”
“Too fat.”
“Too dark.”
and those withered grey lumps of burned down coal
darken your face, labelling you, not as you,
but as something you’re not.
Something you need to be.
In that very moment do those innocent minds
make themselves up, form a plan
to attain those goals, give their beauty a stand.
And in come diets, and exercise, and google searches,
and you might say “That’s good, why are you complaining?”
Because, my friend, this is only the beginning,
to walking down pathways of shame, and self-hate
and developing disorders just to get to that “perfect shape”
because body-positivity, and self-love are only just hashtags.
I mean, c’mon, having tummy fat isn’t that great a brag.
Especially when all those who promote it have got what we think is “goals”,
and every billboard we see makes in our heart, a hole,
because with our own respective bodies we still are not whole.

No, we are incomplete,
steps away from what we achieve to be.
Stop body-shaming because bodies are blessings,

recognise your beauty without second-guessing

because you are more than beautiful,


You’re an art.