Sitting by the golden shore

Watching waves dance away,

Splashing water on my face

Staring into infinite space…

Something so big, yet seems so calm

Anger at once, the peril, the harm,

Mirror to our emotional qualm

Sometimes high & sometimes within the lines of the palm…

The horizon akin to our reflection

Beautiful to see, but feelings hidden,

It feels so far & yet so near

Even from those, so close, so dear…

Deep below, the real ocean hides

Deep within, our real self resides,

Storms come & go, but calm prevails

Heart knows, when to hoist the sails…

A million treasures lay deep inside

Yet simple & plain its view outside,

Reminds us always, of who we are

All I am is a tiny drop on this enormous star.

Wanting to reach just a little far.