The time now seems rough as though your toe digs into sand and the knees feel insufficient to reach the sea that’s out of sight.

But do you see the skies oh so clear?

And the air so fragrant and light that the pores of your skin that once felt suffocated are now breathing like they’ve been let out on an adventure.

While we might have earlier cribbed of the lack of time and space and everything else, we now complain about how mediocre life might seem.

A mundane routine is a choice made by us regardless of where we are are what we are bound to.

Play an old song that you enjoyed and watch it become an analgesic.

Visit an old album to relive a few moments or perhaps realise how far you’ve come and sketch a plan for how far you’ll go.

Forget the challenges on social media, but have you ever really challenged yourself?

Be it sleeping  for 8 hours every night or doing one thing that excites you everyday.

Sometimes we might have crossed memories of people we’ve met, but this time right now paves way to catch up with them.

So what if everything’s virtual ? You have the real you, water yourself and we’ll all be the garden of forever roses that bears the best of fruits amidst the time that it is.

I am Kripa, and I’m not sharing my opinion on where the market would stand or what the after effects of the COVID – 19 pandemic would be but it’s in us humans to be the better versions of ourselves in all dimensions and drive the future to where we want to be. Because darling either you act now, or you were never in this game.